One way teachers can help students make sense of vast amounts of information is by highlighting some of the key patterns, concepts and relationships in other words, the big ideas. Students who are ready to step up from Clips can use the free iMovie for iOS app to shoot and edit a documentary or short film that captures key ideas about a topic with video clips, photos, music and audio narration. The Center for Applied Specialized Technology (CAST) defines UDL as a framework to improve and optimize teaching and learning for all people based on scientific insights into how humans learn. Research suggests the global e-learning market is set to reach over $300 billion in value by 2025, and 77% of U.S.-based organizations use e-learning. When youve imported your classes from Classroom (or created your classes using the Add New Class button), youre ready to add content. Each book can include text, images (with descriptions for assistive technologies), audio and video. The notes are synchronized to the audio so learners can quickly find a specific point in the recording by tapping in the corresponding section of the notes. Audio and video tools. This tool lets you create quick assessments on any web-enabled device. Technology, where she shares resources, ideas, edtech tools, tips and tricks, as well as reflections from her blended/flipped/gamified high school Social Studies classroom. Flexible classrooms, and the technology that supports them, are the key to social-emotional learning.

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technological tools in delivering flexible learning